Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Customisation & Awareness

We always heard that companies are become GLOCAL and produce customized products, It is there when u enter in any mall, super market or departmental store no. of brands are available for each category.
In few cases, like tooth paste customer know about its use but in case of Oil, Soap, Shampoo, paints etc most of the customers don't know which type of hair, skin they have but purchase that product.
In case of paints, dealers give the list of colors to the customer and left every thing on his/her decision. May be customer is not very much aware or familiar with it but he will have decide because the sales person forcing him for particular color.
I believe that with customization of product, Its training related to its strength and customers need, is it favorable for him/her or not etc should be provided to sales persons.
I believe its a responsibilty of store managers and maufacturing company to give proper training to sales executives.


Sampad Kr Swain said...
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Sampad Kr Swain said...

MP the topic u have chosen to discuss on is good but can u be bit more lucid so that we can have a better discussion being on the same platter?

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M.P.Singh said...

let me explain this thing by very simple example:

skin of different people are of different type i.e oily, dry or combo of former types but most of the time customers confused about that and retail sales executives are unable to explain them about their skin and accordingly related product.
same case with shampoo also, can any of us tell me which of hairs do we have? we have but when we go to retail shop variety of shampoos are there on rak, now which one is most useful for our hairs we don't know.
In that condition we play HIT & TRAIL if there is some affect ok we go for that next time, but if not go for another one .


If companies are customizing its product they will have to aware its customers also about that not only by ADs; by some other initiatives.
I accept i will be somehow costly but u creating value to customers and then if it suits him he will be ur long term customer not only for that particular product but for others too.


Well M.P., the best way to make the customers aware what products are best suited for them is through ads and strategic tie-ups. Ads are necessary because of the reach and penetration is huge and cost effective. Another way of educating the masses is by tie-up with beauticians and dermatologists... but believe me, dematologists (skin specialists) never recommend these highly cosmetic FMCGs... so that leaves the beauticians and the beauty parlour owners... if we can sell the product to them, they can convince their clients accordingly. Training your sales force and store managers is too cumbersome and has many difficulties involved, the biggest being time management.
hope i've made it clear...rock on!!!

Sampad Kr Swain said...

Well MP thanks for making the topic more legible...
First of all, I learnt during my SIP lanching "BINGO" i.e. " IF U CANNOT CONVINCE, THEN CONFUSE" beacuse nowadays customers are well aware of the marketing tactics, so they know when companies are trying to convince them and take out money from their pockets..so companies play this game whr the ball is in their companies' court and no customer wants to proclaim that they have been confused by the companies.
Secondly, talking about using different medium of marketing the difference to make value is a bad proposition as Remember "CUSTOMERS ARE NOT LOYAL" nowadays...so is better to keep innovating the products in the same space and make an illusion as customer is king or god (whatever), but actually companies induce this.



Anonymous said...

see mp i do agree with the fact that companies are customising thr produts and they need to educate thr customers abt them too, according to u its not happening but it is. If u visit a healt & Glow outlet u wud find thr qualified experts to help u pick up the suitable produt. They are experts from wellknown brands like L'Oreal. Y only health n glow even if u u visit food bazar in central thr too u hv experts to help u choose the right kind of product for urself.if u hv also noticed hyd central also has fashion consultants these days to help u pick the right kinda clothes to gell with ur personality. so u see the change is coming and the companies are making an effort but i takes time to bring abt any kinda change.