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In last couple of months Indian retail industry is in news. Sometimes for innovative moves of Biyanis, political turbulence in northern India or for opportunities too. This time Indian retail and real estate sector both are in news due to the surge in cost of retail location and market .

Today India as the 16th most expensive retail 'high street destination' in the world as per the report of Leading real estate consultants Cushman and Wakefield. New Delhi’s Khan Market has been rated as the most expensive retail destination in the country with rentals of Rs 950 per square feet per month in the second quarter of the current year.

The shopping complex saw an annual growth of 35.7 per cent over the same period last year said the report titled 'Main Streets Across the World (MSATW) 2007.KHAN MARKET DELHI

“Khan Market is the biggest riser in the ranking of the world's most expensive shopping locations in terms of retail rents, moving up eight places from last year’s 24th position," the report said.

"Retail is going through a revolution in India, although a part of the increase in rents is due to lack of high-quality space in the right location," Cushman & Wakefield India national head (retail) Rajneesh Mahajan said.

According to JLL report, Indian retail & real estate industry will surpassed the growth rate of IT industry by march 2008.
The report said India also figured among the world's top 10 locations that witnessed highest rental increase in local currency terms.

  • Connaught Place in Delhi is the highest gainer in Asia and second only to Chicago's East Oak Street across the world, with an annual growth of 87.5 per cent.
  • Kemp's Corner in Mumbai also saw high rental growth of 78.2 per cent, making it the fourth highest riser of rental growth.

The world's most expensive shopping streets
(rank 2007 (rank 2006), location, rent €/m²/year)

1 (1) Fifth Avenue, New York (US): 11,983
2 (2) Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (Hong Kong): 9,688
3 (3) Avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris (France): 7,364
4 (4) New Bond Street, London (UK): 6,498
5 (5) Ginza, Tokyo (Japan): 5,459
6 (6) Grafton Street, Dublin (Ireland): 5,340
7 (7) Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich (Switzerland): 3,926
8 (8) Pitt Street Mall, Sydney (Australia): 3,905
9 (10) Ermou, Athens (Greece): 3,600
10 (9) Gangnam Station, Seoul (South Korea): 3,441
11 (=10) Kaufingerstraße, Munich (Germany): 3,120
12 (=14) Via Montenapoleone, Milan / Via Condotti, Rome (Italy): 3,000
13 (12) Preciados, Madrid (Spain): 2,880
14 (13) Orchard Road, Singapore (Singapore): 2,597
15 (17) Kärntnerstraße, Vienna (Austria): 2,400
16 (24) Khan Market, New Delhi (India): 2,236
17 (16) Strøget, Copenhagen (Denmark): 2,227
18 (15) Tverskaya, Moscow (Russia): 2,226
19 (20) Wanfujing, Beijing (China): 2,137
20 (18) Na Prikope/Wenceslas Square, Prague (Czech Republic): 2,040
=21 (21) Kalverstraat, Amsterdam (Netherlands): 2,000
=21 (19) Karl Johan Gate, Oslo (Norway): 2,000
23 (27) Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): 1,663
24 (26) Iguatemi Shopping, São Paulo (Brazil): 1,596
25 (22) Bloor Street, Toronto / Robson Street, Vancouver (Canada): 1,584
26 (23) Rue Neuve, Brussels (Belgium): 1,580
27 (25) City center, Helsinki (Finland): 1,500
28 (=28) Váci utca, Budapest (Hungary): 1,440
29 (32) Lambton Quay, Wellington (New Zealand): 1,430
30 (30) Bulevardul Magheru, Bucharest (Romania): 1,380

The rate of real estate is increasing like BSE sensex of our country. I believe that best investment for your money is real estate because its only investment which can give you 200% return in a year. I personally saw a live example in banaglore- An individual who was residing in Whitefield, Bangalore (location famous for IT companies offices and highly expensive too). That individual was willing to sold his property in 50 lacs approximately, but due to some problems he was unable to sold his property. In 6 months, same property value increased by 80% and finally he sold the property in 82 lacs.

Do you have smaller amount don't get depressed you can buy flats, shops etc because rental are also increasing on the same pace as sensex and land prices.

World’s Top ten locations for % rent rises in local currency June 2006-June 2007

1 East Oak Street, Chicago: 100.0%
2= Ansal Plaza, New Delhi: 87.5%
2= Connaught Place, New Delhi: 87.5%
4 Nevsky Prospekt, St Petersburg: 81.8%
5 Kemps Corner, South Mumbai, Mumbai: 78.2%
6 Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills), Los Angeles: 71.4%
7 Greater Kailash I, New Delhi: 57.1%
8 Fort/Fountain, South Mumbai, Mumbai: 55.2%

9 Direita/Itapetininga, São Paulo: 54.0%
10 Visconde de Pirajá (Ipanema), Rio de Janeiro: 53.8%

SUGGESTION: check out the best place, location and buy some land surely prices of land will increase. Otherwise you will murmur this proverb---" Ab pactave kya hott jab chiriya chuk gayi kheth" means Dont think about what happened in past because the time is gone buddy..



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Innovation is a very first word come into marketers or management grads mind when we try to suggest someone or give recommendations. Have you ever think of this word in depth?

Innovation means the conversion of knowledge and ideas into a benefit, which may be for commercial use or for the public good; the benefit may be new or improved products, processes or services.

If I ask you about innovative companies, products or ideas, huge numbers of examples will in your mind. There is concise list of companies as per 2006 data:

Most Innovative companies of world

According to strategy,marketing gurus and Worldwide studies innovation is the key driver to the competitiveness of businesses and of nations.

If its so important for competitiveness and existence why one company’s best innovation become worst nightmare of other companies?

In Indian context we have an example of Deccan airlines tried to implement the best strategies of South West Airlines but failed badly, become highly unsuccessful and incurred huge loss.

In marketing we heard of flank defense and flank attack, its very true and right strategy to protect yourself and hit your competitor respectively . Flank Defense strategy is mainly opt by market leader to protect its weakest link from challenger company while flank attack is opt by market challengers to hit the weakest link of market leader.

Normally companies do extensive research on external environment but forget about their internal analysis, so one weak link affected the complete innovation efforts, so focus on pinpointing and strengthening your deficiencies.

A very new concept introduced by Hansen and Birkinshaw to look-over the failures in introducing innovative ideas, strategies, products etc. That is “INNOVATION VALUE CHAIN”. Innovation value chain comprising three phases: idea generation, conversion, and diffusion. Six linking tasks are performed across those phases: internal, external, and cross-unit collaboration; idea selection and development; and spread of developed ideas.

According to innovation value chain model market leader/challenger/follower before going for innovation always look into its internal structure as per IVC, evaluate the weak link and work on it before get into the innovation.

Due to some problem, actual model picture is not uploaded so to look at the detailed description of IVC model click on the picture above.

Its very true that a strong and well developed innovation system and culture will underpin economic growth and social well-being for Queensland.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Festive season in India is started from October/ dusehhra to diwali. In this period of time companies launch number of product offers with various schemes and entertainment industry i.e bollywood also wait for this point of time every year and launch various various mega budget movies with the expectation of huge returns.

According to various experts, it’s a right to lift shopping spirits of customers with various creative offerings. Companies i.e. FMCG, auto, liquor, apparel and even services - are rolling out the strategies that they have been planning for months in advance, to get a share of the consumers wallet.

These days with emerging mall concept anytime we can see discount offers in almost every product or service offerings either its garments, mobiles, movies (malls-weekdays offers). Consumers are lapping up the smells and sounds of the festivities and willing to pay for shopping due to customs, trend etc , companies have already gone into overdrive with their marketing blitzkrieg.

According to one analysis, Till a couple of years back almost 40% of the annual sales of many companies used to come from the festive season. But not anymore. Today the festive season contributes only 20-25% of the total sales of most companies.

Today we Indians are start celebrating number of festivals like mother’s day, father’s day, friendship day, valentine day etc and we Indian customers now concentrating more on western festival than our typical festivals like”EID”, “DIWALI”, “DURGA PUJA”, ”CHRISTMAS” etc, so companies are now concentrating on proportionate sales throughout year.

Trend of buying behavior of individuals is changing with the purchasing power and nuclearism. Initially few years back we were mainly concentrating on our traditional festivals and went for shopping for whole family but now everyday is shopping.


  • Various festive offers i.e. mother’s day, father’s day, friendship day, valentine day and with these our traditional festivals i.e. ”EID”, “DIWALI”, “DURGA PUJA”,”CHRISTMAS”.
  • New offerings and assured gifts instead of banking on the concept of giving discounts on their products or holding lucky draws during this particular season.
  • Personal gifting.

Marketing Director at Diageo India, Santosh Kanekar, attributes it to changing gifting patterns of the consumer. He says, “True to the elegance of brands such as Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff we have pushed the scope of gifting a few notches higher. For instance, we have introduced the Johnnie Walker Red Label Vodafone F1 festive pack, the Black Label comes with a vintage wooden twin pack, and brands such as Smirnoff Black and Captain Morgan are coming with shakers and chocolates respectively.”

Trend is changing even though some marketing managers believe that traditional festive time is very good for companies to launch its new products and increase its market penetration.

Motorola Inc, Whirlpool, Lenovo, Hyundai Electronics, Maharaja Whiteline and Sony India are going ahead with their festive plans. Hyundai Electronics has earmarked a budget of Rs 5 cr; Sony has set aside $10m for the season, Maharaja Whiteline would be spending 60% of its promotional budget during this period. Sukhpreet Singh, General Manager, brand marketing, Whirlpool Of India sums it up aptly. Mr Singh says, “Though we have sales coming in throughout the year, the festival season spike is very much a reality.”

Automobile companies like Maruti Udyog, Hyundai Motors India and Honda Siel Cars India are also running marketing campaigns that offer discounts, loyalty bonuses and gift cheques.

Even retailers also believe that it’s a right time to promote and push your product and brand. Subhiksha a big brand name spending huge on marketing and advertising. Company have special offers on crackers, fruits and new range of mobile phones.

various web portals and Internet services offered diwali bonanza offers on chatting, voice chat etc.

I personally believe that its good that we are following new trends and culture but still we markerters believe that these festive season really matters in sales and revenue of companies.

To check out various offers from different companies click on below links:

VIDEOCON offer in Hyderabad

LG offer for Internal customers i.e. channel partners

Offers from CAR manufacturers

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Marketing includes N-number of functions like sales management, branding, Public relations, Advertising, Customer care etc.

  • Branding and advertising do they work simultaneously ?
  • Which is more important and why?

Advertising: Promote yourself with all your value added features

Branding: Recognize one product/brand by others (customers) on the basis of logo, name or symbol.

In case of Airtel ads like “dadu chess wala” emphasize on emotional feelings of Indians and importance of proper communication. At this point of time company pushing its product to customers while in case of branding customers recommendation, acceptance, attachment with the company from customers side.

Advertising play a crucial role in brand building, if we take an example Sprite its advertisement click the market for it otherwise its bit difficult for any new product to set its image in customer’s mind especially when colas are on everyone tongue.

Another example BINGO, when it was launched in april-may this year nearly 90% market was captured by Frito Lays and its first time for any Indian company to launch on national level with 32 variants, but that the advertising which generates the eagerness among customers about BINGO. & many more

Now I am contradicting my point that advertising not always required to establish yourself. There are very few examples are there like ARAVIND EYE HOSPITAL, Private labels and (now) cigarettes & liquor etc (right now I am unable to recall other brands which established without advertising ). Even today when mass media advertisement are banned for cigarettes & liquor they are enjoying the same brand equity. The medium of maintaining its equity is buzz, creativity and much more.

Today, Brand Managers are trying to reinvent themselves and discover for themselves new paths to tread. Just imagine for yourselves that a massive mass-media purge has just occurred. A selective atom bomb has decimated every form of mass-media advertising for you. How would you approach your prospect consumer?

The answer will dawn on you then... ... .in many a creative format.

There certainly is life after death! Life after the death of mass-media advertising for your brand!

Have a check out the video link and imagine the innovative concepts applied by Virgin airways, IKEA & VODKA….

Innovative ideas, creativity leads advertising agencies to think beyond traditional periphery of ads to maintain unique image among your customers.

To check out your creativity, can you create an one minute advertisement to promote parker pen

Conditions: No celebrity endorsement, cheapest, original ….

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Asset of a sales Organization contd......(Part-2)

The Visionary Personality

The visionary personality is focused on detail and is concerned with the analytical process. This individual tends to concentrate more on the means rather than on the end means they mainly concentrate on process and way of doing things instead of work done. He/she is very logical and very thorough. Other common characteristics of the visionary include:

Slower to make decisions


• Good at problem solving and working at solitary tasks

• Learns best by reading

• Hates to be wrong (perfectionist)

• Risk Averse

• Logical and methodical

Office of a visionary person: A desk covered with neat piles of charts and graphs.

Do not expect to find much in the way of personal expression.

Clothing and belongings: Ultra-conservative; pocket protectors are a sure sign.

Caution: This type of personality is task oriented and focused on work, not entertaining visitors to the office. Sometimes it happens that they (visionary individuals) will not treat you well but don’t be disheartened because this personality people are very clear in their thoughts if they have decided something, its very hard to change their mindset but here our (sales individuals) determination, patience, tactics etc work as weapon to close the deal.

Tactics to deal with visionary personality:

They require a great deal of information with statistics to accept a claim.

The visionary hears you better when you use terms such as precise, classified, quantified, qualified, logical, reasoned, facts, specific, figures, trials, tested, and proven.

If you have any doubt about this type personality, Go and try to find such traits in your "MATHEMATICS faculty or any researcher"

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Asset of a sales Organization

When we meet an individual for first time how do we start our conversation with him have you thought over this point ever? Hopefully not…

But in the back of our mind these calculations are going on when meet new individual that what type of person he/she is, in just 2-4 minutes we try to evaluate his/her traits and as per his/her traits we start talking with him/her.

Most of time we commit mistake due to wrong evaluation of an individual and face lot of embarrassment and difficulty. In Sales, personality test or evaluation is extremely important otherwise you cannot sustain in this market and never move up on success ladder. Personality evaluation really help anyone to target right individual at right time and on basis of his/her (customer/client) personality traits we present our self (sales managers/sales executives).

There are four type of customer personalities:

Determined personality

Visionary personality

Instinctive personality

Enthusiastic personality

In sales, broadly we divide customers into two major category: (1) retail customer & (2) corporate customers. To evaluate customer’s overall personality three things about him always keep in mind:

  • Individual’s characteristics
  • Office layout
  • Individual’s Clothing

Determined personality

The determined individual likes to be in charge. The determined personality tends to exhibit the following characteristics:

•Cool, impersonal, and in control

• Readily discloses expectations

• Result-oriented—bottom-line focused

• Risk-taking, competitive, and goal-oriented

• Time-conscious, gets things done, and makes things happen

• Poor listening skills

• Impatient

• Opinionated

Office layout of a determined person: Decor suggests power.

Large planning calendars

Awards and honors are often displayed.

Well structured and perfectly organized room.

Clothing and belongings: Dominant and striking, well dressed.

Tricks to interact with determined personality individuals:

Get to the point as quickly as possible. Don’t try to disguise them with jargons or flowery language.

Offer concise explanations, and focus on outcome rather than the process.

Normally this type of personality individuals ask you following questions: “How is this going to benefit me?” “What’s it going to cost me?” “How much money will we make or save?” “When will this project be completed?”

When you are looking for ways to reach the determined customer, consider promoting speedy service, bottom-line savings.

These qualities are not restricted to the customers or marketing professionals, at any point of time these traits will help us in identifying individuals.

Rest three personality type will discuss in next posts, So lets try to find out such personality traits of determinant type among your friends, family members.

May be I have missed some attributes of such personality. If you find other attributes please let me know.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Self Assessment

There is a curiosity about ourself , especially when one is highly confused and in indecisive state about him/herself.

In general HR interviews there are some questions like:

  • What is your strength & weakness?
  • What type of personality you are?

If I ask you that tell me your positive and negative personality traits immediately ?

How you will respond—your eye balls will come out and your mind will start pondering over various instances which reflect your personality, unfortunately if you are unable to answer the question, telling you feel so embarrassing about yourself..

Let me tell you why?

An individual who is not able to identify himself in last 23-25 years how he can understand the business and lead the company or division and generate profits????

Normally what we do to answer these questions:

One can do is he will ask this question from his close friends and pinch them till he don’t get the answer.

Finally one can search for various personality tests “free” which will normally have 60-200 questions.

These personality tests are well furnished and documented but when an individual is searching for snapshot of his personality, these tests are not very good options because they consume huge lot of time.

Here I found one very simple and interesting personality test which takes 1-10 minutes depending upon the decisive power of an individual.

Link for the test : hit me

Very simple procedure:

Open the link given below the picture in new tab and prepare yourself for test

Just choose the pattern which appeals most to you and this test will tell all about your personality.

Test over!!!!!

As per experience, I felt it’s a real picture of my thought process.

Now its your turn..

Lets have look ….

Share your experience with me about this personality test.

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Friday, September 28, 2007


Hello friends,

There is very common perception that marketing is for nothing. Whenever you ask anyone who is not from marketing background, his simple answer will be nothing new in it, “simple jargons”, no learning and most common answer will be “NO VALUE ADDITION”.

In schooling we have learnt Periodic table of elements in chemistry. On the basis of that table we can find out the characteristics of all elements.

Have you ever think of branding periodic table?
Hopefully not.

Branding is about emotion & rational perception about any thing. This branding periodic table will explain each attribute in most simplest way.

Take a look and now a time to appreciate the creativity, learning and value addition from marketing.

branding elements
Built by Kolbrener, corporate branding experts

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Corporate Blogging: A TRUTH

In last article we have seen what is corporate blogging & how its spreading among companies.

According to Technorati report, in one year corporate blogging increased by 330% which itself shows a huge upthrust is there in it. Today, in every company almost 20% of its marketing budget spend on new ways of promotion like blogs etc. With the increasing demand of blogs as Public Relation, there are number of ways adopted by companies to promote its unique image, products, queries & suggestions etc.

According to Marketing Profs analyst David Felfoldi, six types of blogs prevails in corporate blogging, each one has its own importance.

1. Corporate Newsroom

2. Product blog

3. Developer/channel partner Blog

4. Event/promotional blog

5. CEO/ thought- leader blog (Jason Calacanis of Sequoia Capital)

6. Company evangelist (Matt Cutts, a well-known blogger who works at Google)

7. Internal blogs

Answer of last post are:

Code of conduct: actually its not well defined some of blog experts said that it should be formal but what I thought that if you are initiating something for PR & sifting traffic from your web portal to your blog then code of conduct should be informal and interactive because if the users who posted comments will not be satisfied, they will not come back & share anything with you.

Handling of blogs: as above mentioned there are six major type of corporate blogs and each blog is handle by one senior manager of the deptt. i.e.

· product blog- it will be handled by product development deptt.

· Company evangelist: these blogs are handled by senior level mangers who have lot of experience in particular field because the visitors on this blogs are also well known experts in particular field, so expect quality answer of their queries.

· CEO blog: these blogs are directly taken care by CEOs himself.There is a list of few international & national CEOs

International CEOs

Indian CEOs

Rajesh Jain, CEO of Netcore

Dr. Vivekanand P Kochikar Associate Vice President and Principal Consultant - KM, Infosys Technologies Ltd.

George Eby Mathew Principal & Head of IT management Research, at Infosys

Dina Mehta, Explore Research & Consultancy

Most amazing fact I have seen was government departments of various countries also have their blogs.

Indonesia: Juwono Sudarsono, Minister of Defense

Iran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President

United Kingdom: David Miliband, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Andrew Wadge, Chief Scientist, Food Standards Agency

United States: Department of Defense

Few days back, I was shocked by seeing India blog& india blogs which contains the database of best Indian blogs with various categories i.e. CEO’s blog, marketing blogs, personal blogs etc. It has database of few thousand of Indian blogs which shows that there is huge growth in Indian blogging sector too.But on the other side if we see Indian comscore report which shows that Internet penetration in India is meagre 3% , around 2.2 crore people out of 1,129,866,154 population (till july 2007).

Benefits of corporate blogging:

1. quickly giving consumers company updates,

2. allowing for open feedback with consumers, and

3. inclusion in search engine indexes, and thus possible increased traffic.

4. Online newsletter with community feedback i.e. ICFAI stockyard (it has no blog but have its forum), google press centre.

5. Information sharing

Have you ever think about the negatives of blogging?

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Corporate Blogging: New PR tool?

Today personal writing become professional, initially when this blogging introduced it was for passionate writers but now this blogging takes new turn and become Public Relation (PR) tool.

According to Susane M healthfield (HR expert@ “What sets blogs apart from other online writing … is their dynamic nature (as opposed to static Web pages) and their voice (style).” The voice of the writer (or writers) of the blog, in a successful blog, is unique to that blog.

In her article, she mentioned seven reasons for starting corporate blogs in detaled manners. Today companies are so much customer centric they are trying to involve lot of customer intraction in product development to meet customer demands. So, companies conduct no. of pilot tests, focus groups, brain storming session etc to know about customers demand, perception, requirements etc… Now blogging help companies in similar & in more refined way. When any new product launch or customer faced any problem retaled to company product he/she can directly communicate to the company professional through the corporate blogs & another most important feature of corporate blogging is company time to time updates about its usage, features & new changes in varity of products.

There are no. of companies in European union which are using “ corporate blogging” as PR tools because it’s a informal communication between customers & companies just like communities & forums. There is partial of companies which are using corporate blogging as PR tool in EU.

According to wiki corporate blog research only 8% (40) of the fortune 500 companies were blogging till (may/2006). In one year, corporate blogs increased to 132 (till june/2007).

Check out the list:

In india when pulsar was launched there was dedicated community of “BAJAJ PULSAR” owners and there in the community they discuss about the features, market response, individuals’ reaction for new pulsar. The interesting thing in that community was that it was started by company employee itself to know about the views & reaction of “BAJAJ PULSAR” owners. Same experiment is done by HONDA motors when it launched “ UNICORN” in India, in the initial phase of launch Indian customers were worrying about the mono-suspension in the bike, so company used community as PR tool to promote its utility & benefits from UNICORN users(innovators).

In India, there are some companies which are using blog as PR tool for its PR & promotions: Some of them are given below:

Tata Interactive Systems

ebay India

Tekriti Software

Score India

Now in india majority of population thought that it’s a boring, non effective & cumbersome medium to promote yourself(company).But Sun microsystem promoting blogging among all its employee than any other company in the world, according to the company 3000/32000 emplyees have their own blog and company CEO have corporate blog there are no. of vistors, third party developers visit company blog.


Code of conduct , what should be the mode of communication (formal or informal)?

Who will look after these corporate blog i.e. entry level managers, middle level managers or Senior mangers?



Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blog Sphere & its achievers

Blogging become a passion for writers, techies, editors, students etc. Here on blog one can explain his/her love, passion even anxiety against anyone. Its your personal web page and you have full right to write whatever you want to write.

World Blogsphere:

There are number of bloggers who do blogging but if you ask him that that who is world most famous blogger, he will get stuck----“ Unfortunatelly I was that person who don’t know about such important facts”. It’s a bad impression because if you are doing some very passionately then you should know about its evolution, achievers etc. To avoid such setback for you & me once again I am giving you a glimpse of veterans of BLOGSPHERE.

Lets look at world TOP 10 Bloggers and their job descriptions:

Start from bottom:

No. 10: Mr. Brain Lam – (Technology blog)- popular gadget blog Gizmodo - . 40-50 posts daily.

N0. 09: Mrs. Gina Tarapani- (technology blog)- Gina’s blog

No. 08: Ariana Huffington- (political blog)-The Huffington Post

No. 07: Mark Frauenfelder- (writer’s blog)Boing Boing

No.06: Pete Rojas- (gadget blog) - Engadget

No.05: Joi Ito- (techie blog)- just look at the profile of such personality…Joi’s blog

No.04:Jason Calacanis- (popular personality of Internet)-direct publicly attacking on founder of Mr. Kevin Rose -Jason’s blog

No. 03: David Sifry- (Founder of of blogging world- David’s blog



Waiting for NEXT !!!

No.2: Kevin Rose (founder of Kevin’s blog

Now WORLD’s most famous blogger, god father of blogging……….





NICK DENTON- Denton is the founder and proprietor of Gawker Media, perhaps the most successful blog network. It includes 14 high-traffic blogs, the largest of them being gadget blog Gizmodo, productivity blog Lifehacker, gaming blog Kotaku and porn blog Fleshbot. He was previously a journalist with the Financial Times.

Denton owns 8 blogs in the Technorati Top 100 list, and has created the most powerful blog empire. His estimated wealth is about $280 million according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2007. While he has downplayed the viability of a blog as a business, many believe that that’s just his way of discouraging competition. With very low costs (including modest wages for staff writers), Denton’s blogging income is guessed to be pretty high. And in total, his blogs have the most links pointing at them. NICK DENTON'S BLOG

Don’t be disheartened that all are foreigners, we Indians are very good in making bypass to achieve success. Lets look at few Indian Bloggers

Trak in blog on current business movements, if you missed to know about something. You can get full stuff.

Digital Inspiration-1.2 million hits per month, most visited in blog in India. It was started by Mr. Anil Agarwal in year 2004.

Now India’s top bloggers in World TOP 50 BLOGGERS

Neil Patel- Ranked 50 among world top 50 bloggers- Patel has successfully branded himself as one of the top experts on SEO and Internet marketing, including linkbaiting and social media such as Digg or Netscape. This is not only because he finds ways to exploit loopholes in the system to get on the Digg homepage or a high ranking on Google, but because he’s willing to talk about it and share his secrets with others. In addition, he’s done some high-profile publicity, such as publicly challenging Weblogs Inc. owner Jason Calacanis when Calacanis implied that SEO techniques don’t really work — and the high-profile publicity has made Patel one of the top names in the industry.

QuickSprout , Pronet Advertising

Om Malik- ranked 35 among world top 50 bloggers- Malik is a former senior writer for Forbes magazine, one of the original team for, and a former senior writer Business 2.0 magazine. In 2001, he started technology blog GigaOM, which is now in the Top 40 in Technorati. He’s still the editor and chief writer for GigaOM, but he has expanded to form GigaOmniMedia Inc.. Om’s personal blog

It’s a snapshot of world & Indian best bloggers, today when we talked about our blog there was very common reaction from public that Its outdated but I believe If you have creavity, enthusiasm and ability to change with changing market secenario nothing can be outdated…

Blogging is like a business if you have marketing myopia then business will be no more If you have vision, proper strategy and above traits then success will be your next target..

Monday, September 10, 2007


An innovative concept introduced in India to give dimensions to the service industry & money value to the customers. It’s anew category & brand genre of business model to provide every possible service to the consumer at one place on a single platform called “SUVIDHAA”.

This initiative is developed by Shapoorji Pallonji Group and called as Suvidhaa Infoserve Private Limited.

According to company, IT revolution helped them to develop this concept and but due unavailability of internet across the country, company will introduce “CLICK & MORTAR MODEL”. The SUVIDHAA service will be launce in September, 2007 (in the month of my birth) in 25 cities (tier-1 & tier-2). According to company projections, in next two years this will be available in 75 cities of our country & generate 300000 lacs direct jobs.

An advanced version or prototype of bank’s “single window system” & Andhra government’s unified bill payment model- “e seva” & “mobile shop” joint venture of ESSAR & Virgin mobile . Under one roof, consumers will get the service related to travel (roadways, airways etc), telecommunication, education, telemedicine, entertainment, utilities, finance, sales, job opportunity, e-governance, life style, bill payment etc which are prime & basic requirement of ours.

SUVIDHAA will have three tier distribution network:

  1. SUVIDHAA flagship stores (company owned)
  2. SUVIDHAA points (neighbor convenience store)
  3. Shop-in-Corporate model.

Shop-in-Corporate model is really an interesting model in which company will generates & maintains key Corporate Accounts for companies and their employees.

The issue is does this concept is viable in Indian context where less than 10% people access internet & have huge set of demands and vast geography.


Brands Become generic or genericized trademark

Its very common in India when one person speaks true pubic called him “Raja Harishchand”, When one become very humble or down to the earth, public like us called him “Gandhi ji” & when one donote something without any interest to someone public start calling him “Karna”.

Now here individual having such characteristics called as product name and these personalities are called as Brand name which symbolize these traits and when each of the trait replaced with following personalities in day to day life become generic brand name or genericized trademark.

It’s a achievement to be an innovator and serve the society with new invention but when this innovation or invention become generic brand name, it’s a biggest setback for brand and company too.

Genericized Trademark: When a brand name become colloquial or generic description for or synonomus with a particular class of product or service is called genericized trademark. list of genericized trademarks

Why It happened?

When a brand name is become so popular, huge market share & no competitor in market, then the product or service replaced with the name of that particular brand.

Lets look at Examples:

Xerox: Xerox launched its first photo copy machine it become huge success and slowly due to viral marketing or buzz, the name of photo state or copy was replaced with Xerox.

Band-aid: In 1921, J&J manufactured first bandage for normal cuts, to wrap burns etc named as band-aid but in later time this become bandage(genericized name) . Every one called up storekepper for band-aid no matters which company it is?

Kleenex: The word Kleenex is now commonly used to describe any soft facial tissue. However, Kleenex is the trademarked name of the soft facial tissue manufactured and sold by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

In India context:

Godrej Wardrobes: In Indian homes, marriages etc godrej wardrobes replaced the product name, in Indian families “godrej ke bina ladki ka dahej(dowry) in complete. Its very common in most of Indian families.

Sintex Plastic Tank: People in our country used this brand as generic product name in place of Plastic water tanks.

Amul Butter: Same genericized trademark happened with this brand also.

In Rural India:

Colgate: In our villages common people used to say “jara colgete le ana” means bring toothpaste where he replaced product name with brand name.

Limca : In india, whenever you asked old member of your family for cold drinks he/she come up with name of LIMCA; a generic brand name in elders mind. Its not similar to Xerox,Band-aid or Kleenex but Limca was on the same track.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Politics Vs Indian growth!!!!!!

Indian politics is known for it backlash, its true when ever &wherever there is peace and prosperity rings. Indian political parties come into picture and try to disturb the harmony. Recently three different issues are raised by political parties in all booming sectors: power sector, retail sector, Share market & telecom sector.

Telecommunication sector: On 23, August 2007, Department of Telecom issued a new guideline for children below 16 years will not allowed for using mobile phone because health hazards. According to DoT, electromagnetic radiations emits from cellphone effect the growing tissues of children which may cause health hazards.

But on the other side if we 400 studies on biological and health effects of mobile communication radio frequencies are going on but still researchers are not come on the conclusion that these radiations are really highly hazardous for us. If we see the statistics of mobile usage in India- around 39% of children between 5-16 yrs used personal mobile phones. It’s a big market for telecom operators.

According to Dot, Telecom companies are instructed to roll out their base stations and antennas, including asking operators to install radio base stations away from schools and hospitals. Telecom operators are shocked by DoT new safeguards and are opposing its (DoT’s) move.

Retail sector: 1 or 2 days back UP government shutdown the two retail giants shops in Lucknow & Varanasi on local administration’s recommendations. In the mean time, there was fight between local traders & MFS (Modern format stores). It’s a warning bell for other big players who are expecting to enter in this booming sector. Few months back Reliance fresh faced same problem in Bihar also..

As per my thought there are two possibilities:

1. U.P & Bihar will be left for any development by private player due to such politics & misconduct from local businessmen.

2. These issues will effect new retail entrants physique.

Power Sector: 123 agreement: Today, Left parties are snatching every piece of flesh from UPA government. In fixed period of time Mr. Karat ready for announcing the annoyance against every initiative of UPA government i.e. privatization of airports, Merger of AI & IA (air India , Indian airlines) and now most awaited agreement of nuclear deal .

Unfortunately if the deal will not done it will affect India’s stand in world level esp. at strategic deals with other countries i.e. Australia for uranium etc. Its not a internal regular political tug-of- war between between parties.

ShareMarket: Recent political instability leads share market variation & affect FIIs decisions on investment .

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Customisation & Awareness

We always heard that companies are become GLOCAL and produce customized products, It is there when u enter in any mall, super market or departmental store no. of brands are available for each category.
In few cases, like tooth paste customer know about its use but in case of Oil, Soap, Shampoo, paints etc most of the customers don't know which type of hair, skin they have but purchase that product.
In case of paints, dealers give the list of colors to the customer and left every thing on his/her decision. May be customer is not very much aware or familiar with it but he will have decide because the sales person forcing him for particular color.
I believe that with customization of product, Its training related to its strength and customers need, is it favorable for him/her or not etc should be provided to sales persons.
I believe its a responsibilty of store managers and maufacturing company to give proper training to sales executives.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Innovation,Technology or What????????

Its a statement of many businessmen that supply chain play a vital role in any business, there are various well known examples: J.C.Penny (retail chain in US), Walmart, Zara fashion designed cloth chain, obermeyer etc which believe that SCM play a vital role behind any successful organization.
What about innovation, creativity, customer care?
There is a very simple example of Nordstrom a retail chain of footwear, apparels etc , this company's main objective is customer satisfaction at any cost. So it keeps huge stock of all items of all varieties which increases its total inventory cost, holding cost etc even though this company is doing excellently well in US and its among big retailers of USA.

My question to all of u is: Is there any specific set of rules for retail companies for their success or do they design their own set of rule on the basis of their personal experience for success.