Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Customisation & Awareness

We always heard that companies are become GLOCAL and produce customized products, It is there when u enter in any mall, super market or departmental store no. of brands are available for each category.
In few cases, like tooth paste customer know about its use but in case of Oil, Soap, Shampoo, paints etc most of the customers don't know which type of hair, skin they have but purchase that product.
In case of paints, dealers give the list of colors to the customer and left every thing on his/her decision. May be customer is not very much aware or familiar with it but he will have decide because the sales person forcing him for particular color.
I believe that with customization of product, Its training related to its strength and customers need, is it favorable for him/her or not etc should be provided to sales persons.
I believe its a responsibilty of store managers and maufacturing company to give proper training to sales executives.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Innovation,Technology or What????????

Its a statement of many businessmen that supply chain play a vital role in any business, there are various well known examples: J.C.Penny (retail chain in US), Walmart, Zara fashion designed cloth chain, obermeyer etc which believe that SCM play a vital role behind any successful organization.
What about innovation, creativity, customer care?
There is a very simple example of Nordstrom a retail chain of footwear, apparels etc , this company's main objective is customer satisfaction at any cost. So it keeps huge stock of all items of all varieties which increases its total inventory cost, holding cost etc even though this company is doing excellently well in US and its among big retailers of USA.

My question to all of u is: Is there any specific set of rules for retail companies for their success or do they design their own set of rule on the basis of their personal experience for success.