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Marketing includes N-number of functions like sales management, branding, Public relations, Advertising, Customer care etc.

  • Branding and advertising do they work simultaneously ?
  • Which is more important and why?

Advertising: Promote yourself with all your value added features

Branding: Recognize one product/brand by others (customers) on the basis of logo, name or symbol.

In case of Airtel ads like “dadu chess wala” emphasize on emotional feelings of Indians and importance of proper communication. At this point of time company pushing its product to customers while in case of branding customers recommendation, acceptance, attachment with the company from customers side.

Advertising play a crucial role in brand building, if we take an example Sprite its advertisement click the market for it otherwise its bit difficult for any new product to set its image in customer’s mind especially when colas are on everyone tongue.

Another example BINGO, when it was launched in april-may this year nearly 90% market was captured by Frito Lays and its first time for any Indian company to launch on national level with 32 variants, but that the advertising which generates the eagerness among customers about BINGO. & many more

Now I am contradicting my point that advertising not always required to establish yourself. There are very few examples are there like ARAVIND EYE HOSPITAL, Private labels and (now) cigarettes & liquor etc (right now I am unable to recall other brands which established without advertising ). Even today when mass media advertisement are banned for cigarettes & liquor they are enjoying the same brand equity. The medium of maintaining its equity is buzz, creativity and much more.

Today, Brand Managers are trying to reinvent themselves and discover for themselves new paths to tread. Just imagine for yourselves that a massive mass-media purge has just occurred. A selective atom bomb has decimated every form of mass-media advertising for you. How would you approach your prospect consumer?

The answer will dawn on you then... ... .in many a creative format.

There certainly is life after death! Life after the death of mass-media advertising for your brand!

Have a check out the video link and imagine the innovative concepts applied by Virgin airways, IKEA & VODKA….


Innovative ideas, creativity leads advertising agencies to think beyond traditional periphery of ads to maintain unique image among your customers.

To check out your creativity, can you create an one minute advertisement to promote parker pen

Conditions: No celebrity endorsement, cheapest, original ….

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Asset of a sales Organization contd......(Part-2)

The Visionary Personality

The visionary personality is focused on detail and is concerned with the analytical process. This individual tends to concentrate more on the means rather than on the end means they mainly concentrate on process and way of doing things instead of work done. He/she is very logical and very thorough. Other common characteristics of the visionary include:

Slower to make decisions


• Good at problem solving and working at solitary tasks

• Learns best by reading

• Hates to be wrong (perfectionist)

• Risk Averse

• Logical and methodical

Office of a visionary person: A desk covered with neat piles of charts and graphs.

Do not expect to find much in the way of personal expression.

Clothing and belongings: Ultra-conservative; pocket protectors are a sure sign.

Caution: This type of personality is task oriented and focused on work, not entertaining visitors to the office. Sometimes it happens that they (visionary individuals) will not treat you well but don’t be disheartened because this personality people are very clear in their thoughts if they have decided something, its very hard to change their mindset but here our (sales individuals) determination, patience, tactics etc work as weapon to close the deal.

Tactics to deal with visionary personality:

They require a great deal of information with statistics to accept a claim.

The visionary hears you better when you use terms such as precise, classified, quantified, qualified, logical, reasoned, facts, specific, figures, trials, tested, and proven.

If you have any doubt about this type personality, Go and try to find such traits in your "MATHEMATICS faculty or any researcher"

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Asset of a sales Organization

When we meet an individual for first time how do we start our conversation with him have you thought over this point ever? Hopefully not…

But in the back of our mind these calculations are going on when meet new individual that what type of person he/she is, in just 2-4 minutes we try to evaluate his/her traits and as per his/her traits we start talking with him/her.

Most of time we commit mistake due to wrong evaluation of an individual and face lot of embarrassment and difficulty. In Sales, personality test or evaluation is extremely important otherwise you cannot sustain in this market and never move up on success ladder. Personality evaluation really help anyone to target right individual at right time and on basis of his/her (customer/client) personality traits we present our self (sales managers/sales executives).

There are four type of customer personalities:

Determined personality

Visionary personality

Instinctive personality

Enthusiastic personality

In sales, broadly we divide customers into two major category: (1) retail customer & (2) corporate customers. To evaluate customer’s overall personality three things about him always keep in mind:

  • Individual’s characteristics
  • Office layout
  • Individual’s Clothing

Determined personality

The determined individual likes to be in charge. The determined personality tends to exhibit the following characteristics:

•Cool, impersonal, and in control

• Readily discloses expectations

• Result-oriented—bottom-line focused

• Risk-taking, competitive, and goal-oriented

• Time-conscious, gets things done, and makes things happen

• Poor listening skills

• Impatient

• Opinionated

Office layout of a determined person: Decor suggests power.

Large planning calendars

Awards and honors are often displayed.

Well structured and perfectly organized room.

Clothing and belongings: Dominant and striking, well dressed.

Tricks to interact with determined personality individuals:

Get to the point as quickly as possible. Don’t try to disguise them with jargons or flowery language.

Offer concise explanations, and focus on outcome rather than the process.

Normally this type of personality individuals ask you following questions: “How is this going to benefit me?” “What’s it going to cost me?” “How much money will we make or save?” “When will this project be completed?”

When you are looking for ways to reach the determined customer, consider promoting speedy service, bottom-line savings.

These qualities are not restricted to the customers or marketing professionals, at any point of time these traits will help us in identifying individuals.

Rest three personality type will discuss in next posts, So lets try to find out such personality traits of determinant type among your friends, family members.

May be I have missed some attributes of such personality. If you find other attributes please let me know.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Self Assessment

There is a curiosity about ourself , especially when one is highly confused and in indecisive state about him/herself.

In general HR interviews there are some questions like:

  • What is your strength & weakness?
  • What type of personality you are?

If I ask you that tell me your positive and negative personality traits immediately ?

How you will respond—your eye balls will come out and your mind will start pondering over various instances which reflect your personality, unfortunately if you are unable to answer the question, telling you feel so embarrassing about yourself..

Let me tell you why?

An individual who is not able to identify himself in last 23-25 years how he can understand the business and lead the company or division and generate profits????

Normally what we do to answer these questions:

One can do is he will ask this question from his close friends and pinch them till he don’t get the answer.

Finally one can search for various personality tests “free” which will normally have 60-200 questions.

These personality tests are well furnished and documented but when an individual is searching for snapshot of his personality, these tests are not very good options because they consume huge lot of time.

Here I found one very simple and interesting personality test which takes 1-10 minutes depending upon the decisive power of an individual.

Link for the test : hit me

Very simple procedure:

Open the link given below the picture in new tab and prepare yourself for test

Just choose the pattern which appeals most to you and this test will tell all about your personality.

Test over!!!!!

As per experience, I felt it’s a real picture of my thought process.

Now its your turn..

Lets have look ….

Share your experience with me about this personality test.

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