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Blog Sphere & its achievers

Blogging become a passion for writers, techies, editors, students etc. Here on blog one can explain his/her love, passion even anxiety against anyone. Its your personal web page and you have full right to write whatever you want to write.

World Blogsphere:

There are number of bloggers who do blogging but if you ask him that that who is world most famous blogger, he will get stuck----“ Unfortunatelly I was that person who don’t know about such important facts”. It’s a bad impression because if you are doing some very passionately then you should know about its evolution, achievers etc. To avoid such setback for you & me once again I am giving you a glimpse of veterans of BLOGSPHERE.

Lets look at world TOP 10 Bloggers and their job descriptions:

Start from bottom:

No. 10: Mr. Brain Lam – (Technology blog)- popular gadget blog Gizmodo - . 40-50 posts daily.

N0. 09: Mrs. Gina Tarapani- (technology blog)- Gina’s blog

No. 08: Ariana Huffington- (political blog)-The Huffington Post

No. 07: Mark Frauenfelder- (writer’s blog)Boing Boing

No.06: Pete Rojas- (gadget blog) - Engadget

No.05: Joi Ito- (techie blog)- just look at the profile of such personality…Joi’s blog

No.04:Jason Calacanis- (popular personality of Internet)-direct publicly attacking on founder of Mr. Kevin Rose -Jason’s blog

No. 03: David Sifry- (Founder of of blogging world- David’s blog



Waiting for NEXT !!!

No.2: Kevin Rose (founder of Kevin’s blog

Now WORLD’s most famous blogger, god father of blogging……….





NICK DENTON- Denton is the founder and proprietor of Gawker Media, perhaps the most successful blog network. It includes 14 high-traffic blogs, the largest of them being gadget blog Gizmodo, productivity blog Lifehacker, gaming blog Kotaku and porn blog Fleshbot. He was previously a journalist with the Financial Times.

Denton owns 8 blogs in the Technorati Top 100 list, and has created the most powerful blog empire. His estimated wealth is about $280 million according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2007. While he has downplayed the viability of a blog as a business, many believe that that’s just his way of discouraging competition. With very low costs (including modest wages for staff writers), Denton’s blogging income is guessed to be pretty high. And in total, his blogs have the most links pointing at them. NICK DENTON'S BLOG

Don’t be disheartened that all are foreigners, we Indians are very good in making bypass to achieve success. Lets look at few Indian Bloggers

Trak in blog on current business movements, if you missed to know about something. You can get full stuff.

Digital Inspiration-1.2 million hits per month, most visited in blog in India. It was started by Mr. Anil Agarwal in year 2004.

Now India’s top bloggers in World TOP 50 BLOGGERS

Neil Patel- Ranked 50 among world top 50 bloggers- Patel has successfully branded himself as one of the top experts on SEO and Internet marketing, including linkbaiting and social media such as Digg or Netscape. This is not only because he finds ways to exploit loopholes in the system to get on the Digg homepage or a high ranking on Google, but because he’s willing to talk about it and share his secrets with others. In addition, he’s done some high-profile publicity, such as publicly challenging Weblogs Inc. owner Jason Calacanis when Calacanis implied that SEO techniques don’t really work — and the high-profile publicity has made Patel one of the top names in the industry.

QuickSprout , Pronet Advertising

Om Malik- ranked 35 among world top 50 bloggers- Malik is a former senior writer for Forbes magazine, one of the original team for, and a former senior writer Business 2.0 magazine. In 2001, he started technology blog GigaOM, which is now in the Top 40 in Technorati. He’s still the editor and chief writer for GigaOM, but he has expanded to form GigaOmniMedia Inc.. Om’s personal blog

It’s a snapshot of world & Indian best bloggers, today when we talked about our blog there was very common reaction from public that Its outdated but I believe If you have creavity, enthusiasm and ability to change with changing market secenario nothing can be outdated…

Blogging is like a business if you have marketing myopia then business will be no more If you have vision, proper strategy and above traits then success will be your next target..

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