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Corporate Blogging: A TRUTH

In last article we have seen what is corporate blogging & how its spreading among companies.

According to Technorati report, in one year corporate blogging increased by 330% which itself shows a huge upthrust is there in it. Today, in every company almost 20% of its marketing budget spend on new ways of promotion like blogs etc. With the increasing demand of blogs as Public Relation, there are number of ways adopted by companies to promote its unique image, products, queries & suggestions etc.

According to Marketing Profs analyst David Felfoldi, six types of blogs prevails in corporate blogging, each one has its own importance.

1. Corporate Newsroom

2. Product blog

3. Developer/channel partner Blog

4. Event/promotional blog

5. CEO/ thought- leader blog (Jason Calacanis of Sequoia Capital)

6. Company evangelist (Matt Cutts, a well-known blogger who works at Google)

7. Internal blogs

Answer of last post are:

Code of conduct: actually its not well defined some of blog experts said that it should be formal but what I thought that if you are initiating something for PR & sifting traffic from your web portal to your blog then code of conduct should be informal and interactive because if the users who posted comments will not be satisfied, they will not come back & share anything with you.

Handling of blogs: as above mentioned there are six major type of corporate blogs and each blog is handle by one senior manager of the deptt. i.e.

· product blog- it will be handled by product development deptt.

· Company evangelist: these blogs are handled by senior level mangers who have lot of experience in particular field because the visitors on this blogs are also well known experts in particular field, so expect quality answer of their queries.

· CEO blog: these blogs are directly taken care by CEOs himself.There is a list of few international & national CEOs

International CEOs

Indian CEOs

Rajesh Jain, CEO of Netcore

Dr. Vivekanand P Kochikar Associate Vice President and Principal Consultant - KM, Infosys Technologies Ltd.

George Eby Mathew Principal & Head of IT management Research, at Infosys

Dina Mehta, Explore Research & Consultancy

Most amazing fact I have seen was government departments of various countries also have their blogs.

Indonesia: Juwono Sudarsono, Minister of Defense

Iran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President

United Kingdom: David Miliband, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Andrew Wadge, Chief Scientist, Food Standards Agency

United States: Department of Defense

Few days back, I was shocked by seeing India blog& india blogs which contains the database of best Indian blogs with various categories i.e. CEO’s blog, marketing blogs, personal blogs etc. It has database of few thousand of Indian blogs which shows that there is huge growth in Indian blogging sector too.But on the other side if we see Indian comscore report which shows that Internet penetration in India is meagre 3% , around 2.2 crore people out of 1,129,866,154 population (till july 2007).

Benefits of corporate blogging:

1. quickly giving consumers company updates,

2. allowing for open feedback with consumers, and

3. inclusion in search engine indexes, and thus possible increased traffic.

4. Online newsletter with community feedback i.e. ICFAI stockyard (it has no blog but have its forum), google press centre.

5. Information sharing

Have you ever think about the negatives of blogging?

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