Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Asset of a sales Organization contd......(Part-2)

The Visionary Personality

The visionary personality is focused on detail and is concerned with the analytical process. This individual tends to concentrate more on the means rather than on the end means they mainly concentrate on process and way of doing things instead of work done. He/she is very logical and very thorough. Other common characteristics of the visionary include:

Slower to make decisions


• Good at problem solving and working at solitary tasks

• Learns best by reading

• Hates to be wrong (perfectionist)

• Risk Averse

• Logical and methodical

Office of a visionary person: A desk covered with neat piles of charts and graphs.

Do not expect to find much in the way of personal expression.

Clothing and belongings: Ultra-conservative; pocket protectors are a sure sign.

Caution: This type of personality is task oriented and focused on work, not entertaining visitors to the office. Sometimes it happens that they (visionary individuals) will not treat you well but don’t be disheartened because this personality people are very clear in their thoughts if they have decided something, its very hard to change their mindset but here our (sales individuals) determination, patience, tactics etc work as weapon to close the deal.

Tactics to deal with visionary personality:

They require a great deal of information with statistics to accept a claim.

The visionary hears you better when you use terms such as precise, classified, quantified, qualified, logical, reasoned, facts, specific, figures, trials, tested, and proven.

If you have any doubt about this type personality, Go and try to find such traits in your "MATHEMATICS faculty or any researcher"

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