Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Self Assessment

There is a curiosity about ourself , especially when one is highly confused and in indecisive state about him/herself.

In general HR interviews there are some questions like:

  • What is your strength & weakness?
  • What type of personality you are?

If I ask you that tell me your positive and negative personality traits immediately ?

How you will respond—your eye balls will come out and your mind will start pondering over various instances which reflect your personality, unfortunately if you are unable to answer the question, telling you feel so embarrassing about yourself..

Let me tell you why?

An individual who is not able to identify himself in last 23-25 years how he can understand the business and lead the company or division and generate profits????

Normally what we do to answer these questions:

One can do is he will ask this question from his close friends and pinch them till he don’t get the answer.

Finally one can search for various personality tests “free” which will normally have 60-200 questions.

These personality tests are well furnished and documented but when an individual is searching for snapshot of his personality, these tests are not very good options because they consume huge lot of time.

Here I found one very simple and interesting personality test which takes 1-10 minutes depending upon the decisive power of an individual.

Link for the test : hit me

Very simple procedure:

Open the link given below the picture in new tab and prepare yourself for test

Just choose the pattern which appeals most to you and this test will tell all about your personality.

Test over!!!!!

As per experience, I felt it’s a real picture of my thought process.

Now its your turn..

Lets have look ….

Share your experience with me about this personality test.

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