Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Asset of a sales Organization

When we meet an individual for first time how do we start our conversation with him have you thought over this point ever? Hopefully not…

But in the back of our mind these calculations are going on when meet new individual that what type of person he/she is, in just 2-4 minutes we try to evaluate his/her traits and as per his/her traits we start talking with him/her.

Most of time we commit mistake due to wrong evaluation of an individual and face lot of embarrassment and difficulty. In Sales, personality test or evaluation is extremely important otherwise you cannot sustain in this market and never move up on success ladder. Personality evaluation really help anyone to target right individual at right time and on basis of his/her (customer/client) personality traits we present our self (sales managers/sales executives).

There are four type of customer personalities:

Determined personality

Visionary personality

Instinctive personality

Enthusiastic personality

In sales, broadly we divide customers into two major category: (1) retail customer & (2) corporate customers. To evaluate customer’s overall personality three things about him always keep in mind:

  • Individual’s characteristics
  • Office layout
  • Individual’s Clothing

Determined personality

The determined individual likes to be in charge. The determined personality tends to exhibit the following characteristics:

•Cool, impersonal, and in control

• Readily discloses expectations

• Result-oriented—bottom-line focused

• Risk-taking, competitive, and goal-oriented

• Time-conscious, gets things done, and makes things happen

• Poor listening skills

• Impatient

• Opinionated

Office layout of a determined person: Decor suggests power.

Large planning calendars

Awards and honors are often displayed.

Well structured and perfectly organized room.

Clothing and belongings: Dominant and striking, well dressed.

Tricks to interact with determined personality individuals:

Get to the point as quickly as possible. Don’t try to disguise them with jargons or flowery language.

Offer concise explanations, and focus on outcome rather than the process.

Normally this type of personality individuals ask you following questions: “How is this going to benefit me?” “What’s it going to cost me?” “How much money will we make or save?” “When will this project be completed?”

When you are looking for ways to reach the determined customer, consider promoting speedy service, bottom-line savings.

These qualities are not restricted to the customers or marketing professionals, at any point of time these traits will help us in identifying individuals.

Rest three personality type will discuss in next posts, So lets try to find out such personality traits of determinant type among your friends, family members.

May be I have missed some attributes of such personality. If you find other attributes please let me know.

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